Jello Shots – Ultimate Recipe Guide


Jello shots are probably one of the very best party tricks any host can have up their sleeves. We’ve been making and sharing Jello shot recipes for over a decade.

Jello shots are easy to make, super customizable, and just plain fun! These Jello shot recipes are great for:

  • Parties – birthdays, bachelorette or hen parties, and other special parties like a graduation.
  • Holidays – They make a great icebreaker as a toast at the beginning of a meal, or a festive dessert “drink” for the end.
  • Boat Trips or Camping – Where I live, float trips and boating are big. Jello shots can be a fun option for these types of get-togethers.

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Basic Jello Shot Recipe:

Jello Shots = Jello Mix or Unflavored Gelatin + Water or Juice + Spirits

Below, in the printable recipe card (at the end of this post) you will find the most basic Jello shot recipe. You can change the type of Jello mix you use as well as what spirits you add, which will ultimately alter the final flavor.

There are also a LOT of recipes linked throughout this post to other Jello shot recipes that may include unflavored gelatin, which allows for even more customization.

How to Make Vegan Jello Shots:

Gelatin (including most Jello mixes) are made from animal products. So, if you are looking to make vegan Jello shots or if you have a sensitivity to gelatin, then you can update almost any of these recipes using this method instead.

Vegan Jello Shot Recipe

Vodka Jello Shots:

Probably the spirit most often used in Jello shot recipes is vodka. The reason being vodka is a great flavor carrier, in that it doesn’t have much flavor on its own. Unless, of course, you use a flavored vodka. Here are some vodka Jello shot recipes we love:

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Rum Jello Shots:

Rum is also great option to add to Jello shots as it goes well with citrus and other flavors like mint. Here are some rum Jello shot recipes we love:

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Other Spirits:

You truly can use any type of spirits in Jello shots, like vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and more. You can also use other alcoholic mixers or wine like rose.

How to Make Jello Shots in a Mold:

Using molds to make Jello shots is one of the easiest methods! This allows you to easily make each Jello shot the same quantity, and you can create fun shapes without much work.

Simply pour the Jello shot mixture into the molds and allow to fully set before serving. It’s best to pour from a glass measuring cup or other container with a spout so you can easily fill each mold cavity.

How to Make Jello Shots in Citrus Rind:

Creating Jello shots in a citrus rind, like these orange creamsicle Jello shots (in orange rinds) is a classy way to serve them. It also makes Jello shots super easy to consume, as you simply bite the Jello away from the rind. No slurping or plastic to dispose of after!

To make these, cut the citrus in half and juice it (so you can use the juice in the recipe). Then, scoop out the insides. This does take a little work, but the results are worth the effort.

Place the now-empty halves on a plate or cutting board covered with something to keep them upright (sugar, rice, etc.) and fill each rind. Once the Jello has fully set, you can slice these into smaller pieces.

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How to Make Layered Jello Shots:

While making layered Jello shots does take a little more time, they can be so cute and fun for a seasonal party—like bomb pops for the 4th of July or candy corn Jello shots for Halloween. The key to success is to let each layer fully set before adding the next.

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How to Make Shaped Jello Shots:

Another option is to use small cookie cutters or other small kitchen tools to create cut outs. For this method, you create a large slab of Jello shots in a pan (like brownie pan).

Then, use cookie cutters to create cutout shapes like gingerbread people Jello shots and double-stuffed Oreo Jello shots.

Bachelorette Party Jello Shots:

Before I got my married, my sister threw me a bachelorette party that included a number of bespoke cocktails and a very special Jello shot. These can be such a fun part of any bachelorette or hen party. Here are some of our favorites:

21st Birthday Jello Shots:

Here are some of our favorite Jello shot recipes when you are hosting or celebrating a 21st birthday!

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Holiday Jello Shots:

Cheers the holiday season with any of these fun and festive Jello shot recipes:

Summer Jello Shots:

If you are looking for a Jello shot recipe that feels like summer celebrations, try these:

get the recipeGet the Recipe

a simple recipe to make basic flavored jello shots

Yield 10

Prep 5 mins

Set time 2 hrs

Total 2 hrs 5 mins


  • Pour the Jello mix into a medium mixing bowl or glass measuring cup. Something with a spout is best.

  • Bring the water or water/juice mixture to a boil.

  • Pour hot liquid in with the Jello mix, whisking to dissolve.

  • Stir in the alcohol.

  • Pour into molds or plastic containers and allow to fully set.

  • Refrigerate and serve cold.


  • You can use all water or a mixture of half water and half juice or even all juice depending on the flavor and sweetness level that you desire.